Quilting Fun

I love this quilt that I made for my mom. It is perfect for summer- it’s light and comfy and has light, summery colors.

IMG_7014Obviously, it’s a very simple and basic pattern. In this case, I think the fabrics all blend so nicely and the floral white pattern in between it all really makes the colors pop!

IMG_7002Also Muzzy was a huge help!

Are you working on any quilts or fun projects right now? I have a couple special orders to make for people… but since they are wanting them to give as Christmas gifts… I don’t know if I should post them on here!! At least two of them I probably can, so look for them soon 🙂

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Zelda Breath of the Wild

Okay, really what can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said by every blogger out there who has played Zelda Breath of the Wild already?

This game is incredible.


If you haven’t already bought this game, please use my affiliate link with amazon to purchase it… it doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps me out.
Purchase it here:
WiiU Version The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Wii U
Switch Version The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo Switch


I mean seriously, it’s incredible.

I have always been a HUGE fan of the Zelda series (they are my favorite series of all time). Windwaker was my favorite before this, with Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds both tying for second place. Well, this game has knocked them all down a notch. Breath of the Wild is definitely my new favorite… and I haven’t even scratched the surface of this game yet. I have played probably around 15 hours maybe so far.


It’s open world exploration, with something to find around every bend. Everything is beautiful and … just amazing. I am at a loss for words. You really just have to play this. Think Skyrim but in Hyrule. In fact, I think my hubby is a little sad that I’m not going to keep doing my second play-thru of Skyrim because this game is taking its place.

I’m playing Breath of the Wild on the Switch, but I hear that it is just as incredible (or at least close to it) on the WiiU also, so if you don’t have a Switch yet, I would still recommend buying the game on WiiU. You won’t regret it.

My brother also was generous enough to get me one of the Breath of the Wild amiibos and it is awesome and gives some good loot in game. He got me the one with the horse and it has a special saddle for your horse as well as some other neat stuff. I want to get the Zelda amiibo for this game too. Oh, and they have one of the big mechanical guardians as an amiibo which would be awesome, but it is really expensive too. They actually have a ton of amiibos just for this game. It would be neat to collect them all.

Did I really just say “neat”?

Anyway, check out the trailer for the game here:

(All the pictures in this post were taken from videogamer.com)

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July 13 is “Embrace Your Geekness Day”

Yup, you read that title correctly. July 13 is “Embrace Your Geekness Day”


What do you like to geek out about? You don’t have to play D&D or watch Doctor Who to geek out. You can be a crochet geek, a word geek, anything really! What do you love doing/watching/etc? You could even be a fitness geek!


For me, my Geekness comes out in lots of ways. Star Trek, Wonder Woman comics, World of Warcraft, video games in general, reading… but also in crochet and sewing. I try to combine a lot of my geeky loves (like my Tetris blanket).

When I was younger I was always trying to be “cool” and I hid from all my friends and everyone at school the fact that I played Magic the Gathering and could kick butt at Monster Truck Madness. Now, I’ve learned that it’s okay to like what you like. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. So go ahead and embrace your geekness!


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Another Wreath

With the 4th of July over, it was time to switch up the wreath again! (It was a patriotic wreath that was on the door). So, I gathered a few supplies and made a new one!


For the burlap I just used some leftover stuff that I had… not a good idea. I wish I had a little more of it, but once I started I was kind of stuck.


It is done in exactly the same style as my other wreath tutorials, by tying the burlap onto the frame and punching it thru to the front in a “bubble” type style.

I alternated the colors/styles somewhat randomly, which now bugs me that it isn’t more symmetrical. Then I made a large bow with the extra ribbon a I had to make it all polished and pretty.


Here is the finished product!


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