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Note: I did a more personal in-depth post about myself that you can read by clicking here if you want all that deep stuff.todd-carrie-april-1984Hello!! So believe it or not, that’s me and my brother in that picture playing with the Intellivision. I don’t think my controller was actually connected though, lol!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look at my site. I really am honored that you are even here! What do you want to know about me? Umm.. well, I’m kind of a geek. I play video games, board games, crochet, sew, read (a lot), and hang out with the hubby.

Ten Things You Probably Don’t Need To Know About Me:wowscrnshot_072515_205035

  1. This site is named in homage to my World of Warcraft character. I started a silly gnome rogue back in beta and have kept her as my main ever since.
  2. Zelda is probably my favoritest ever.
  3. Alaska rocks.
  4. I have an unhealthy love of Taco Bell. Seriously. They know me there.
  5. With help from my big brother and my dad, I built my own computer when I was 12.
  6. I’m married to a guy who grew up without any video games! Gasp!
  7. I’m a complete Jane Austen fangirl. I have seven copies of Pride and Prejudice alone… and Sense and Sensibility is actually my favorite.
  8. My signature color would have to be green with a blueish tinge.
  9. My brother is the creator of the webcomic Gadgethovel. Sadly he closed that chapter of his life this last winter after about 15 years of comic, podcast, and blog goodness.
  10. For the Alliance!

If you would like to contact me please send me an email at:

Have a wonderful day!