Checkbook Covers Make Great Christmas Gifts!

I was checking (no pun intended) my Etsy Store stats the other day and was surprised to see that the second highest search term that leads people to my store is “Checkbook Cover”. It shouldn’t surprise me, as I have sold a lot of them (in fact I was pretty much sold out a few days ago). What surprised me is… do people still use checks? I personally use checks very very rarely. But, I guess other people still do! So, I’ve been busy working on restocking my checkbook covers for my store in anticipation of Christmas.

Do you know anyone who still uses checks? These checkbook covers are currently only $15.00 and make great gifts! I have some in designs such as Batman, Doctor Who, Star Wars, as well as some basic designs (like flowers). I also am still able to do custom orders if you are looking for something specific… but hurry because the closer we get to Christmas, the less I’ll be able to do custom orders!

Email me today at or visit my Etsy Store!

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2 Responses to Checkbook Covers Make Great Christmas Gifts!

  1. That was my first thought when I saw the title – do people still use them?? But obviously they must 🙂


  2. Teviko604 says:

    I still write 3-4 checks a month. The first couple are for my church giving. While I could handle this online, for some reason I still prefer to handwrite the check. One good argument I heard for doing this is to model giving and tithing to your children (or other children who might be watching). When you give online they do not see it, but when they witness you actually putting your offering in the plate they learn by example about supporting the church and associated ministries.

    The remainder of the checks are usually to my ex-wife to cover any expenses regarding my daughter that are outside the typical child support. Finally, I write the occasional check to cover a bill from a business that isn’t set up for online payment or to give a monetary gift to an individual.


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