Guest Post: Half Air


Hello Crafting Rogue readers! My name is Terrence Koch and want to thank Carrie for giving me this opportunity to tell you about my blog “Half Air”. I first became associated with Carrie though her brother Todd’s online endeavors and we have been online friends for several years now.

“Half Air” is what I would classify as a lifestyle blog, where I (and sometimes my wife) post personal stories, observations, opinion pieces, gameplay videos (such as the one posted here) and other articles, all from a Christian perspective. What that means is that it’s my goal to remain positive and uplifting, avoiding discussion and language that is negative, degrading, offensive and vulgar. When it’s appropriate and natural I try to relate what I am saying to my faith, and on occasion I will post articles that are primarily faith-focused.

Half Air can be found by visiting and a good article to start with is “What Is Half Air?” where I explain the meaning behind the name. Thanks for watching and I hope to write to you again soon.

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