Halloween Wreath

Day 2 of Wreath Week! Halloween Wreath time!!!


Unfortunately this wreath does not have pictures of my making it… but I will try to do my best to explain it anyway. Kicking myself though because pictures really help!!


For this wreath I started with a grapevine wreath frame similar to this:


Although you can use black fabric or burlap… I actually cut up strips of black garbage bags for this wreath. I wanted it to be shiny, and it was cheap!

After I cut up a bunch of strips of the trash bags (played with different sizes until I got what I liked) then I tied them on to the wreath frame. I chose to tie them on to individual little pieces of the wood so there would be lots of little pieces of the bag all over the wreath and it worked well for me. You could also use a glue gun if you wanted.


I already had a small strand of little purple lights that are battery operated and can work on a timer so they aren’t always on, so I wove the lights around the wreath to give it the pop of purple lights everywhere. I can’t take credit for this amazing idea though- my hubby came up with that! I love the way the lights reflect off the garbage bags.


The little ghost and Boo are actually items purchased from Hobby Lobby that are glued onto the wreath. I also stitched the ghost on for extra strength.

And that’s it!


Reminder- if you have a blog and would like me to link to any of your wreath related posts, email me a picture and link at thecraftingrogue@gmail.com and on Friday I will have a link round up!


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2 Responses to Halloween Wreath

  1. very nice Halloween wreath!!!


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