Lots of WiPs… Nothing Finished!

I guess that title isn’t really true. I do have lots of work in progress projects, but I did also finish a couple of projects too.

Here’s a sneak peak at what I’m working on:

I started crocheting a new blanket simply because I wanted an easy crochet project to work on while listening to an audiobook. I am loving how it is turning out though and am so excited to show it to you!

I am also still slowly working on a couple of quilts. The one shown above, which is entirely made from scraps I’ve collected over the last decade, and another quilt that I am making for my brother… so I don’t want to show it on here (hint- it’s going to be based on Zelda!)

I’m also working on some different designs for cute hats to sell in my Etsy store (they will be much cuter than pictured above, promise!) and a craft project for my game room!

And here’s a sneak peak on what I’ve finished but need to write full posts on!

So these are all some things you can look forward to hearing about soon! I also am still working on the ninjago amigurumi pattern… I’m not so good at pattern writing apparently.

Have a great day!


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2 Responses to Lots of WiPs… Nothing Finished!

  1. Emma says:

    Is that Pacman that I spy? 🙂 I love your scrap quilt, the colours are great!


  2. Very nice project. That wreath is awesome!!. I visited your shop. I love the fufn unique items you have =)


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