September 6 is National Read a Book Day


Believe it or not, National Read a Book Day is a “holiday” that I have actually written in on my calendar every year for probably a decade now. I have always dreamt of the idea of the hubby and I staying home from work and spending the entire day curled up in the living room reading books and drinking tea.

This year I happen to have a nasty cold or flu thing (I have a fever… does that make it a flu instead of cold?) so for me it will actually happen this year that I’ll get to sit around in my pajamas and read. The hubby unfortunately has jury duty, so although he may get to read a little, he can’t exactly stay home. For some reason the courts don’t think of this as a holiday worthy of closing.

In honor of the day, here are 5 of my favorite book recommendations across varying genres. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a new favorite?


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is a book about a world where real life has gotten super depressing but there is a huge MMO (think world of warcraft but even cooler) that everyone is playing in basically 24/7 called the OASIS.  You can even go to school in the OASIS. The guy who created this “game” built in a huge secret quest where a person can try to find all these Easter eggs and eventually can inherit this mans wealth and the ability to basically run the OASIS. Obviously lots of people (both good and bad) are trying to solve this puzzle, but the story follows one boy and some new friends he meets thru his attempts at solving it. TONS of 80s references (the creator of the oasis apparently loved the 80s). Very fun read.


County Cork Mystery Series by Sheila Connolly

I read a lot of “cozy mysteries”. My mom and aunt read them too, so we have gotten in a routine of always having some that we are reading and passing around. So if you like cozy mysteries then I can recommend tons of them that I love. Right now one of my favorite series of books is the County Cork mysteries by Sheila Connolly. Buried in a Bog is the first one in the series. Basically they are fun, light murder mysteries which take place in Ireland about an American woman who inherited a pub in Ireland and ended up moving there to start her life over and ends up getting caught up in solving several mysteries while she’s there. I love the atmosphere the books create with the feeling of Ireland and the description of her pub… and the mysteries are really well done.


The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Not into fiction? I read a lot of self help books (my dad started me on that path). My absolute favorite is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. After deciding that she wanted to become happier and enjoy life more fully, Gretchen created a one year project of trying out all of the techniques (both common and uncommon) that she read or heard are supposed to improve your happiness. Such a great writer, and so many wonderful ideas. This book (as well as several others by her and her podcast “Happier”) inspires me to want to do what I can to live a happier life.


DC Bombshells comics

Not wanting to read a full book right now? How about a comic book? I stumbled onto the Bombshells comics by complete fluke due to my love of all things Wonder Woman (which, by the way, started before the absolutely fantastic movie came out). I received a small Wonder Woman Bombshells figurine and had to find out more about where it came from. This comic series is wonderful. Set in world war 2, it includes most of the main DC comics characters but all of them female (so some are gender swapped). The art is fantastic, but the story is also definitely worth the read.


Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Finally, I simply cannot have a list of books that does not include something by Jane Austen. All of her books are masterpieces and I would recommend reading over and over. Sense and Sensibility is probably my favorite (although of course Pride and Prejudice will always hold a special place in my heart… and Emma… oh, and … well… all of them). If you haven’t read Jane Austen, you are seriously missing out.

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One Response to September 6 is National Read a Book Day

  1. gadgethovel says:

    Loved hearing that this is a book reading holiday! Although I’m surprised you mentioned Sense and Sensibility because you NEVER talk about it 🙂


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