Sew Your Own Reversible Drink Coasters!


So after Annabelle’s fantastic guest post yesterday, I was looking at my drink coasters and decided to take a few minutes (or hours…) and make some fall coasters for myself! And while I’m at it, why not tell you how I did it!

My first version I made a little small. They still are nice, but needed to be just a little bigger. I also hadn’t thought to make them reversible. My new ones are much better!



  • Fabric for the front and fabric for the back. You will need to have enough to make 5 inch squares of both sides for however many coasters you want… I made 4 coasters
  • Fleece fabric or thin batting- also needs to be a 5 inch square for however many coasters you want

Step 1: Cut out all your squares! You will want to cut a 5 inch square of the top fabric, a 5 inch square of the bottom fabric, and a 5 inch square of the fleece or batting for the middle.

Ā  (Note- I ended up using fleece instead of batting because I didn’t have enough batting and was too lazy to run to the fabric store… and it turned out the fleece works great!)


Step 2: Layer! This is the tricky part. Make sure you layer correctly!! I put the fleece down first, then one piece of fabric right side UP, then the other piece of fabric right side DOWN. Looks weird, but trust me.

Step 3: Sew them together. It’s easier to flip the whole stack over so the fleece is on top (so the feeders don’t get messed up). Then stitch with a 1/4 seam around most of the square- leaving yourself one to two inches in the middle of one of the sides so you can turn.


Step 3.5: Almost forgot– It lays a lot flatter if you trim the corners before you flip it right side out!

Step 4: Turn right side out. Make sure the fleece part stays on the inside! Pull from in between the two pieces of fabric. I recommend using a pencil or something small to carefully pop out the corners too.

Step 5: Now we need to close up the opening. You can hand stitch the opening closed or if the fabric is long enough you can do what I did and just fold it in and let the top stitching grab it. Then you are going to want to do the top stitching as close as you can to the edges of the square. Make sure it’s straight!!

Step 6: If you want to do any fancy quilting/stitching on the coaster- go for it! Otherwise, enjoy your new coasters!


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3 Responses to Sew Your Own Reversible Drink Coasters!

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. They are so cute and now I am seeing them for all holidays.


  2. Tami says:

    That turkey fabric is too cute!!! I love it!! šŸ˜€


  3. Emma says:

    Those are super cute Carrie! I can’t wait to try them once I get my sewing machine back after the move šŸ˜Š


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