Guest Post: 7 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Today we have a special Guest Post from Annabelle! Annabelle typically blogs over at Wunderlabel and is pretty awesome! Thanks Annabelle 🙂


7 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Sewing is a craft that is both relaxing and rewarding…

The therapeutic setting offered by the soft thread, the smooth tools, and the feeling of completing a practical piece that can be enjoyed by your or your loved ones is almost unmatched.

However, when you first start out, sewing can be a little more on the frustrating side as you struggle to learn how to read patterns, how to create certain stitches and just the general ins and outs of sewing.

But, I have found that the key to a successful sewing hobby – and one that you actually enjoy – is to start out simple and just practice learning the basics…

Then, work your way up to the more difficult things.

As you master the easier stitches and tricks, the harder things will come much easier.

Rather than starting out sewing personalized shirts with custom tags, start out sewing a simple square pattern that could be used as a coaster.

A few of my favorite easy sewing projects for beginners include:

  1. Coasters: A simple square with the edges sewn together can easily make a great resting spot for your favorite cup of coffee. With just a few stitches and a basic layout, this is the ultimate beginner’s sewing project.
  2. Place Mats: A place mat is simply a larger version of a coaster. These make great gifts for family and friends – especially those who like to host dinner parties. Practice sewing these for a while to master the basics of sewing and just hand them out as gifts so you don’t have place mats filling your sewing room.
  3. Reversible Scarfs: If you are trying to get more into the fashion side of sewing, start with a simple scarf. With just two pieces of fabric sewn together, you can create a beautiful yet simple reversible scarf. Pro Tip: You could even make one side cotton fabric and one side wool so the owner has options of which material is keeping their neck warm.
  4. Beach Cover-Ups: Just about everyone heads to the beach at least once for the summer and a cover-up is a must-have! This project relates closely to the coaster and place mat as it is mainly just a large piece of fabric. Then, the owner can tie it however they would like, therefore making the look their own. It is incredibly versatile!
  5. Framed Quilt Squares: You probably think of sewing pieces being more of something that is worn, however, you can also sew décor. Simply sew a few small quilt squares together to create a bigger, more colorful square then frame it.
  6. Velvet Glasses Pouches: Once you have mastered the basic fabric square, you can easily fold it over and sew it together to create a pouch. Grab your favorite velvet fabric and create the perfect glasses pouch using your new skill!
  7. Pin Cushions: A pin cushion is a great beginner’s sewing project for yourself or even one of your sewing friends. Sew some fabric together to create a small pouch, stuff it with some stuffing material (commonly used in stuffed animals), then sew it completely shut. Voila! The perfect gift for a sewing enthusiast! (Added Note from Carrie: My pumpkin tutorial from last week is also a fun thing that could be made to be a pin cushion!)Orange Pumpkin

Sewing can be difficult and frustrating as a beginner if you are unsure where to start.

Instead of trying your hand at a major project, start out with one of these simple beginner projects until you get the hang of your new skill.

Plus, your friends and family will enjoy getting these cute little gifts while you practice!

Now, get out there and get your needle moving!


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One Response to Guest Post: 7 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

  1. Tami says:

    Hi Annabelle! Thanks for guest posting! I most definitely am classified as a very very very beginner sewer. If I ever figure out how to properly thread the bobbin on my sewing machine I will need beginner patterns! 😀


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