Health Questing

I did pretty well on my health goals this last week… I did lots of walking and ate really pretty healthy!


However… this week presents a challenge. Wednesday is my birthday (yay! 🎉). But with birthdays means going out to dinner with my hubby and, of course, cake and ice cream. And leftover cake and ice cream. Not to mention the fact that I already know I’m not going to want to exercise on my birthday!


So how does one stay healthy while still enjoying all the fun of a birthday? I definitely don’t have the self control to do one of those watermelon “cakes” instead of a real cake (bring me CHOCOLATE!)

So, instead I am going to set some limits. I can eat out, but still try to choose a healthier option at the restaurant. I can have cake and ice cream, but don’t eat the whole thing myself! I can enjoy taking that day off of exercising, but I need to still exercise every other day this week.

Most importantly- I need to not use this as an excuse to stop all together! It’s easy to fall into the trap of enjoying a special day and turning it into a week, month, or however long of not eating right or exercising.

Do you have a big event coming up? How are you going to stay healthy thru it?

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One Response to Health Questing

  1. Tami says:

    Happy Birthday!! I always give myself one “free day” a week where I can eat whatever I want. I’ve found that even though I’ve given myself permission to eat, I still go easy with smaller portions and I actually take a minute to decide if it’s something that I really really want or is it something that the craving will pass.


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