Computer Area Decorating Time

My computer area was really pretty depressing. I have so much of this apartment looking super cute… and then that desk that I am playing games at more-than-I-should was ugly. So… for $25 I changed that!


See how much cuter now? Of course it helps that it’s also cleaned up.

My main problem with this table is that not only is it a cheap folding table, but it was from my in-laws garage and is permanently stained and has gouges in it. I can clean and clean all I want and it still looks dirty.

So what better solution than to cover it up! For around $5 I was able to buy some pretty contact paper at Lowes that is a peel and stick kind of sturdy.

It’s so easy! It has a backing on it that you peel off to reveal the sticky part, so I laid it out and cut it to the right size/shape. Then I enlisted the hubby’s help to peel off the back and lay it on the top of the desk. This was the trickiest part (which still wasn’t hard) because we had to keep it straight and keep bubbles out of it!


I did have to do two seperate sheets because it wasn’t wide enough to just do once, so I tried to line up the design so it would match.


The only other thing I purchased for this project was a clearance monitor stand so I wouldn’t have my computer monitor on a book anymore 😁

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Now whenever I am sitting at the computer I don’t see the stains and cuts but can look at this peaceful design and clean area.

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5 Responses to Computer Area Decorating Time

  1. Lovely makeover. Now you have me thinking about what needs a special touch in my sweat shop….hmmm looks like EVERYTHING could use help. Thanks for sharing.


  2. gadgethovel says:

    That looks great! I have a bunch of scratches in my computer table, maybe I should get some contact paper too.


  3. Designing Us says:

    I love that pattern! It definitely looks a lot better. Probably wipes up easier during those intense gaming sessions too!


  4. Tami says:

    Nice job Carrie!! My computer desk is a wreck! It’s worse because it’s a huge desk that hubby and I share so I have to look at his mess too! I’m almost feeling inspired now to do something to make it pretty and get rid of the stack of books that he’s using for a monitor stand. 😀


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