DIY Nintendo Switch Dock Sock


I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you today because when I went to make a dock sock for my Nintendo Switch, I realized there aren’t any tutorials (that I could find) online that gave me the measurements I needed in inches.

I am selling some Dock Socks in my Etsy store, so of course please buy some from me too!


Step One: Get your fabric! You really don’t need a very big piece. You will want to cut it to be 7.5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Make sure your pattern faces the correct direction!


Step Two: Hem the top and bottom using a 1/8 inch seam

Step Three: Fold in half right-sides-together so that one hem is laying on top of the other hem. Then sew along the left and right sides with a 1/4 inch hem. I double stitched at the opening so it would be a little stronger when sliding on and off the Switch.


It should now look like this. The bottom part where you previously hemmed should still be open… do not sew this part again!


Step Four: Turn it right side out and slide it over the front panel of your Switch dock (helpful to take the Switch off the dock first)

Will this protect your Switch screen? Honestly, I have no idea. It looks nice though! I still recommend being super careful with putting the Switch in the Dock. I haven’t had mine scratch, but I could see how this may help.

And of course, if you don’t want to make one yourself- check out my Etsy Store!!!

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