Christmas is Coming…

Okay so it’s only July. But still- Christmas is coming!


Due to the fact that Christmas gets really busy for me and the things I make take a good amount of time, I am starting now to accept special orders for Christmas!

I make quilts, crocheted blankets, table runners, amigurumi, coloring book holders, Kleenex box covers, and pretty much anything else with yarn or fabric!

Although I do have my Etsy store with already made inventory, for the Christmas season if there is something specific you are looking for I would be happy to discuss it with you and see if it’s something I could do!

Prices vary depending on what it is you are wanting, of course. Email me at

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2 Responses to Christmas is Coming…

  1. Teviko604 says:

    Carrie made a cute Sans from Undertale for my daughter last Christmas. Thanks again!



  2. Designing Us says:

    I love the quilting! I have yet to do a Dresidan. I hate, hate, hate templates, but yours is gorgeous! Quilting is my first love ❤ but I LIVED it for 10 years; vending at quilt shows, managing a quilt shop, teaching quilting classes, etc. It was time to move it over and make room for crochet. Smart thinking getting the jump on Christmas!


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