Quilting Fun

I love this quilt that I made for my mom. It is perfect for summer- it’s light and comfy and has light, summery colors.

IMG_7014Obviously, it’s a very simple and basic pattern. In this case, I think the fabrics all blend so nicely and the floral white pattern in between it all really makes the colors pop!

IMG_7002Also Muzzy was a huge help!

Are you working on any quilts or fun projects right now? I have a couple special orders to make for people… but since they are wanting them to give as Christmas gifts… I don’t know if I should post them on here!! At least two of them I probably can, so look for them soon 🙂

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3 Responses to Quilting Fun

  1. Designing Us says:

    Very nice quilt! I’m sure your mom will love it and I really like the soft colors!

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  2. Lucky mom! From weighted blankets to light summery blankets. Fun crafting and sewing:)!


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