Another Wreath

With the 4th of July over, it was time to switch up the wreath again! (It was a patriotic wreath that was on the door). So, I gathered a few supplies and made a new one!


For the burlap I just used some leftover stuff that I had… not a good idea. I wish I had a little more of it, but once I started I was kind of stuck.


It is done in exactly the same style as my other wreath tutorials, by tying the burlap onto the frame and punching it thru to the front in a “bubble” type style.

I alternated the colors/styles somewhat randomly, which now bugs me that it isn’t more symmetrical. Then I made a large bow with the extra ribbon a I had to make it all polished and pretty.


Here is the finished product!


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5 Responses to Another Wreath

  1. Very pretty!. I love the colors!! =)

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  2. Designing Us says:

    I think the “bubbles” are just fine. I have serious OCD and I don’t see anything off about them at all. It turned out very nice!

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