Nintendo Switch is AWESOME!

My brother is visiting this week (yay!!!!!). And, he brought me an early birthday present…


Yup. A Nintendo Switch! I have the coolest brother ever!


He also got me World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit which also looks cool… but let’s be realistic here, the Switch is what I am playing with first!

So this evening I got to play around with setting up the Switch (easiest console setup I have ever done) and playing the starting dungeon of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I haven’t played too much of it, but I can say that so far I love it! And the graphics… just wow.

I know I’m a little late to the party in talking about the Switch so I won’t bore you too much with my thoughts. However, I have to say that I think it is amazing and if you have considered getting one- do it! It is so easy to switch between playing on the tv and playing as a handheld. The joycons (controllers) are really pretty small, but when hooked into one of the bigger computers it’s perfect size. And speaking of size… the handheld way of using it is actually the perfect size too! It’s a big screen but feels really good to hold.

I am so excited to play around with it more!

Do you have a Switch? What games would you recommend I get next?

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3 Responses to Nintendo Switch is AWESOME!

  1. Good to hear you like it! We’re debating whether to get one for my kiddo. Might have to just do it now!

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  2. teviko604 says:

    I’m not even considering the Switch until Nintendo proper releases an adequate supply of units and the price drops back to it’s $299 price point. I’m not one to pay a minimum $100-$300 markup due to short supply from a company that has a horrible track record of estimating demand for a new console release. Besides, I have such a backlog of PC games that I want to play that, realistically, I don’t have time to play Switch anyway.

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  3. Tami says:

    When we went to buy a switch there weren’t any in stock but we did end up getting a Zelda Edition Wii U for an excellent price at GameStop and since we could play Breath of the Wild on it we were still pretty happy. Hubby and daughter use it way more than I do. I am definitely drooling over the WoW Trivial pursuit – except I’m guilty of not following all of the story lines and lore very closely so I would probably be terrible at any questions that weren’t about either Fire Mage spell rotation or Holy Priest heals. 😀

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