Nerdtacular: Part 2


You may have seen my last post, but in case not- this last weekend my hubby, my brother (Todd) and I all traveled to Utah for Nerdtacular! And it was AWESOME.


Lots of wonderful panels, including a really neat one on Video Games and psychology. On that panel they had an actual therapist, a university professional in gaming education, an employee of Blizzard, an employee of the company that makes League of Legends, as well as some of my favorite podcasters from various podcasts about games. It was epic.


There was also a costume contest (well, more like a parade than a contest per se). The hubby dressed up as Salvador from Borderlands 2, and I dressed as Tetra from Zelda Wind Waker- and almost fell on my face on the stage. But still… cool.


There was some amazing cosplay there. My personal favorite was a cute little girl dressed as Rey from Star Wars.


There was lots of board/card gaming played (they had a HUGE selection of games so we got to try out a few new ones) and even got to play games with strangers… which is out of my comfort zone but was a lot of fun.


One of my favorite parts of the Nerdtacular was a spot put on my Scott Johnson (a cartoonist) and “Turpster” (sorry- I don’t actually know his real name) who is a YouTube personality & podcaster. They did a hilarious bit where Turpster was taking suggestions from the audience and telling stories based somewhat on World of Warcraft lore while Scott Johnson was real-time illustrating the stories. They had his iPad hooked up to the big screen so we could see what he was drawing as he did it… and much hilarity ensued!

There really was so much awesomeness packed into the weekend that I can’t  even scratch the surface in telling you about all the things. But it was awesome. I know if you check out they should be posting videos of the whole thing eventually.

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One Response to Nerdtacular: Part 2

  1. Tami says:

    sounds like an awesome convention!!! You and hubby’s cosplay outfits were cute!!! 😀

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