Weighted Blankets

Have you heard of weighted blankets? They are blankets made with weighted pellets (think bean bag pellets) inside the blanket in little squares so that it is evenly distributed. The blanket is recommended to weigh like 10% of a persons body weight, so it varies for child or adult.


These blankets are supposed to be really useful for people with anxiety, PTSD, autism, and a lot more. Basically, they are soothing, like you are wrapped in a hug. Or like a baby being swaddled.


I recently experimented by making this space one for my brother. They are machine washable/dryable… but fair warning- it almost broke my washing machine! Granted, this one is a pretty large (and HEAVY) blanket. If it were a smaller size, it would probably do better.


I do not have these listed on my store yet due to the high cost of shipping and the customization recommended. However, if you would like to order a weighted blanket I would be happy to discuss making one for you! You can email me at thecraftingrogue@gmail.com

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3 Responses to Weighted Blankets

  1. How interesting! I’ve never heard of weighted blankets, but it makes sense that they would be comforting. What a great idea!

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  2. kelleysdiy says:

    beautiful!!Cute kitty!

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