Health Quest Boot Camp- Importance of Rest Days

IMG_6256.JPGStarting this little project I did not think about resting… I planned on everyday pushing myself to the max. Yesterday morning however I changed my mind. I’ve been getting progressively more sore each day as I’ve been doing sit-ups/push-ups/etc, yoga, walking/jogging, and just pushing myself to do more. Well, yesterday I was really sore and I started to realize that I could actually hurt myself if I keep that up. So, I gave myself a rest day. Which actually was harder than I expected!

I started out just feeling a little guilty as I changed back out of my exercise clothes and sat down to crochet. Then, as the day went on and I started to feel a tiny bit better, I kept thinking “well, I could do a little _____” and I had to stop myself. A rest day needs to be a rest day, otherwise I’m not doing myself any favors if I cheat on the resting.


I’m getting back to it today now. I’m still a little sore, but I’m ready to go. In fact, as soon as I hit post I’m heading out the door for a walk.

Do I regret resting? No. If you push yourself too hard and too fast, you really do risk actual injury. I want to get healthy, and injury is the opposite of that goal!

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One Response to Health Quest Boot Camp- Importance of Rest Days

  1. Tami says:

    A rest day is important!! Hubby is an exercise fanatic and when he tries to skip the rest day he pays for it. Plus you need to remember that this is a total Health Quest – a day crocheting is a perfect exercise for mental health. Don’t forget to exercise your brain too!!!! 😀


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