Lewis & Clark The Expedition – Board Game


The hubby and I visited a historic site of Lewis & Clark a few weeks ago and purchased a board game as a souvenir. The game is called Lewis & Clark The Expedition (it is on Amazon.com too). We finally got around to playing it this weekend.


At first it seemed really complicated while we were reading through the instructions. So many different pieces to this game! But once we dove in and started playing the game, it made sense pretty quickly (although we did have to keep looking stuff up, of course). Overall, I loved it and will definitely be playing it again soon!

The basic gameplay is that you are moving down the river from a starting point to an ending point. You have a scout and a “camp” as well as boats that you have to manage your inventory on and different crew/companions you can pick up throughout the game. …I’m trying to figure out how to describe this without making it sound complicated… that’s hard to do.

Really though, I think you just have to play it! It would be too complicated for most kids (the box even says 14+). But the different mechanics in the game and the countless varying strategies you can apply to win with really make this game a ton of fun. My focus was on resources, the hubby focused more on using people/companions. He ended up winning, but it was super close (if I had one or two more turns I would have won!)

I also was impressed that while this is technically a historical educational type of game… it didn’t feel like that. They gave lots of wonderful information about all the people who were on the expedition and just through gameplay you learn how difficult certain things were for them, but it’s so subtle that you really aren’t thinking about it.

Overall, I loved it. Would definitely recommend it, and will be playing again. Hopefully we won’t have to read the instructions as much the next time through!


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One Response to Lewis & Clark The Expedition – Board Game

  1. Tami says:

    This looks like a really neat game!!! 😀


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