My Computer Saga

I may as well give you all the whole, sad story of what happened to my computer… may it rest in piece.

The computer had been acting fine. No warning. Then this weekend I was playing Heroes of the Storm with my hubby, his two brothers, and my brother when all of a sudden my computer just turned off. One minute I was playing and talking over Discord with everyone… the next I was staring at a black screen and there was silence in my headset. And then I smelled it. The horrible smell of smoky burning/melting plastic.

the guys kept playing of course.

I deduced that it was the power supply that had caused the smell, so later on Saturday I went to Best Buy and got a new psu. Came home and installed it, and was happy to see everything turn on… until it wouldn’t load windows. It didn’t see one of my hard drives, and when I tried to install windows to the one it did see, it just laughed at me (well, technically it told me that the disk was broken and it couldn’t write to it… but maniacal laughing was implied)

I was frustrated and depressed, and already had spent more money than I actually had, so I spent Sunday trying to avoid the whole computer. I crocheted and read books and just tried to go to my happy place.

Then my brother convinced me that it was worth just trying out a new hard drive… if that is all that was needed then that’s not too bad. So Monday morning I scampered off to Best Buy yet again and bought a shiny new hard drive. Came home and installed it…

and it worked!

I installed Windows and started installing World of Warcraft (priorities!) and was looking up cute pictures to use as my new wallpaper… when it did it again.

Black screen. Silence. Smell of digital death.

It is probably the motherboard, which means I may as well get a whole new computer. Problem is… I have less than zero money for a new computer. Sad.

I know it’s just a machine. I know I have a lot to be grateful for. I’m not trying to complain. But, at the same time, the computer is how I run my Etsy store, blog, and podcast. It’s how I connect with my brother who lives 2,500 miles away. It is how I calm my anxieties and depression when I am doing poorly mentally (fishing in World of Warcraft is surprisingly therapeutic).

For the foreseeable future, I will not be able to afford a computer. I’m going to write blog posts on my phone and might be able to call in to Todd to have him record podcasts for me. And I’ll have a lot more time for quilting and crochet (I’m even teaching two young ladies how to crochet tomorrow)

However, IF you are feeling generous and would like to help fund my new computer, there is a donate button in the upper right column on this page 🙂 Believe me, it would be very much appreciated!img_5511

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One Response to My Computer Saga

  1. gadgethovel says:

    Maybe this is a good opportunity to focus on things that don’t run on the computer, whatever those are.


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