WIP and Update

Well I feel like I am the Work In Progress with as sick as I have been! I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on posting lately. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and had it confirmed that I have a sinus infection and that it is “starting to go to the lungs”, so I am on antibiotics now and have some cough syrup. Hoping to see improvement now with meds!


While I’ve been sick I have read a lot of fast mystery books (Murder She Wrote novels basically) and watched a lot of TV. And, of course, I crocheted. I had hoped to make an entire baby blanket but it looks like I need about one more skein of yarn to finish it. But it is going to be really nice when it’s done- it’s so soft! My cat, Bodhi, keeps running over to it whenever I pull it out to work on.


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2 Responses to WIP and Update

  1. Designing Us says:

    Awww, Bodhi looks like he’s really enjoying it. You may have to let him keep that one!


  2. Tami says:

    Looks like you’re making a Bodhi blanket instead of a baby blanket!! Hope your feeling better soon!! 😀


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