Health Quest Weekly Update- Week 4

tape-403593_960_720.jpgI wish I could be saying how awesome everything has been… but I need to be honest. My health quest took a nose dive this last week. Between traveling across states for medical appointments for my hubby (which we thought would just be a couple days and ended up being the whole week) and my getting the cold to beat all colds… things didn’t go so well.

I am not even going to step on the scale right now.

However, we are home again. We have to go back in about a month for more tests for him, but for now we are back to home base. I am still sick though. Seriously our first day in Minnesota I woke up with an awful cold and it hasn’t left. When we drove home again I think it just got worse. I didn’t even go with poor hubby to a lot of his medical stuff because I figured so many people at the Mayo Clinic were already dealing with horrible diseases like cancer and stuff- they didn’t need my germs added to the mix! Luckily too, our hotel had a shuttle to Mayo so that made it pretty easy.

I did swim at the hotel pool one of the days I was there, but that is the extent of my conscious exercising. And I ate horribly. Even though we got a hotel room that had a kitchen and we bought some groceries, we still ended up having fast food for pretty much every meal.


But, now lets look at the future! I’m home again! I’m still sick… like pretty bad. So, I am not going to push myself to do aerobic exercise just yet. However, I am going to start eating better again today and doing my yoga. I downloaded a new app called Yogatailor that I’m excited to try out (they have a free trial that I am going to be using for now, but then it is subscription). Haven’t used it yet but am planning on doing it today, so I’ll let you know how I like it! Then, once I can breathe again, I will start doing walk/jogging again later this week.

Thank you all for your support! Check back tomorrow for another post- I am back!

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One Response to Health Quest Weekly Update- Week 4

  1. Tami says:

    Hope your feeling better soon! 🙂


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