Health Quest Weekly Update- Week 3

Last week was a little rocky on my health goals. I started out the week strong, even did a treadmill 5k on Monday and did a couple days of 40 minute workouts, plus yoga every day. Then, the end of the week didn’t do so good. I went for some short walks outside with the hubby, but didn’t really exercise for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. 😦 Not even yoga.

My eating has stayed about the same… sort of in the “eh, I’m trying” category. Not great, but not horrible.


I did end up losing 3lbs, which is great and better than nothing! But… I also don’t really trust it yet. 3lbs is too easy to just be fluctuation.

This week coming up is going to be super hard on me. We are travelling for some medical stuff to be done in another state so all day Monday will be travelling, and then Tuesday to -who knows when- will be at the hospitals. Then another day of travelling home. The hubby has had some big health struggles for the past 11 years and we are hoping to get answers and… well, hope.  However, with all of this going on I don’t know how much I’ll be able to take care of myself either mentally or physically. The hotel I’ll be staying at has a pool and a fitness center so I’m theoretically planning on keeping as active as I can when I’m there. But, we will see. I also just bought a big bag of Reeses Pieces… so much for no sweets.


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One Response to Health Quest Weekly Update- Week 3

  1. Tami says:

    Hope everything goes well!! Every day/week that you keep being healthy in mind is a step in the right direction. Oh I listened to the podcast while I was cooking dinner tonight and I don’t remember if I clicked the like button – if not then here it is “like”! Sad about the comic book store. Hopefully he’ll stay in business to have a bigger con next year – and you could get a booth to sell your cool gamer/nerd/crochet/practical crafts!! 😀


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