Ep. 007 of The Crafting Rogue Podcast: Bismarck Comic Con

Episode 007 of The Crafting Rogue Podcast hosted by Carrie and Todd!

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In this episode Todd and I talk about…
Geeky Things: Bismarck North Dakota Comic Con! Comic Book Stores! Dungeons and Dragons!
Geeky Craft Corner: Make your own Sims Plumbbob hat/headband- really great tutorial HERE with printable plumbbob
Video Games: World of Warcraft,  Civilization VI, Heroes of the Storm 2.0, Lego Star Wars
Upcoming Holiday: Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9th

Also, check out Our Turn Podcast where Carrie does video game segments!

If you’d like to contact us you can email at thecraftingrogue@gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter at @CraftingRogue or Todd is @Aron1701 and his blog is at Gadgethovel.com

Music “Arcade Paradise” provided (with permission) by Scott Holmes

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