Game Review: Mario Golf World Tour for 3ds/2ds

Do I play golf? No.
Do I like sports games? Not usually.
Do I love Mario Golf World Tour? YOU BETCHA!


I have recently started playing this game again after almost a year of forgetting about it. However, before I moved and forgot about it I was playing it constantly for months. It is so fun! Obviously you are playing golf… lining up your shots and adjusting how hard you hit the ball to reach the hole in as few hits as possible. It’s cheerful and they have so many “extras” in the game that have me totally hooked. Upgrade your clubs, shoes, clothes (collect outfits!! Who doesn’t love that?!) And you can play as you Mii. My brother and I played against each other sometimes and there are always tournaments going on where you can earn more stuff… which is super awesome.


Also, Nintendo has an amazing website set up for this game. If you are at all interested in learning more I would say check them out. They have lots of videos and fun stuff.

Overall, I give Mario Golf World Tour two thumbs up. I really love this game and I bet that you will too!

PS- Nintendo announced there is going to be a new 2dsXL coming out…. this could be an awesome game to get with that!

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2 Responses to Game Review: Mario Golf World Tour for 3ds/2ds

  1. Todd says:

    We need to play one of the multiplayer tournaments in there again!

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  2. Tami says:

    I love just about anything Mario related!! 😀

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