Easy Peasy Beginner Afghan

When I was first starting out crocheting I had to keep things simple, but I wanted to make afghans for my mom and brother. So, I got some variegated yarn from JoAnn’s (unfortunately they don’t make this specific yarn anymore) and made some blankets using just double crochets for the whole thing.

Bodhis Blanket

I didn’t do perfect, there are lots of mis-counts and missed stitches. But these blankets were for me a triumph. Proof that I could do this. This new challenge that I had undertaken was possible.

Todds Original

Now, I have moved on to lots of “fancy” stitches. The blue blanket was destroyed in a flood and the green blanket has become my cat’s blanket. But I still think back on these fondly. They turned out pretty darn good for my abilities at the time, and helped propel me into my current love of crochet.

Not everything you do has to be “fancy” to be spectacular. Enjoy what you do and if the fancy stitches are giving you a headache… do something easier for a while. The point is to enjoy what you are doing!

Pinterest Image Blanket

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2 Responses to Easy Peasy Beginner Afghan

  1. I agree! Sometimes the simple projects are just what we need!


  2. Tami says:

    For years all I made was afghans like yours. And I’m pretty sure that I would forget which stitch I was using so there’s probably a lot of switching between single and double crochet! I love that for as long as I’ve been crocheting I still find new stitches to learn!! 😀


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