DIY Superhero Piggy Bank from Mason Jar

I wanted a cute jar to hold all the spare change in that we accumulate. So, I decided to make a little piggy bank out of mason jar. Super easy, anyone can do this, and you can use whatever logo/design you want (or none at all!).  I have been on a Wonder Woman kick lately, so naturally I went with that!


  • Mason jar of desired size
  • Acrylic or glass paints of desired colors
  • paintbrush, scissors, pencil, sharpie/black marker
  • cardboard piece the size of the top of the mason jar



Take any size mason jar and remove the inner circle part of the lid, leaving the ring that screws onto the jar. Trace the circle from the lid onto the cardboard and cut out the circle so it will fit inside the ring (I then test to make sure it does fit!).

Paint the mason jar, including the ring and cardboard circle whatever base color you would like. As I am doing a Wonder Woman design, I went with a red base. You may have to do multiple coats, I had to do three to get a good, bright, comic book type color.

painting jar

Once that is dry, take a pencil and draw the logo you want to use onto the jar. I recommend using a logo that isn’t very complicated unless you have good artistic abilities! Once you are happy with it, go over your pencil sketch again with your sharpie marker.

Paint the inside of the logo your desired color (yellow for me). Again, you will probably have to do multiple coats, especially if your base color is dark.

painting yellow

Once that is all dry, take your sharpie and trace the lines of your logo again so that it will be nice and bold.

finished 1

Take your cardboard circle and carefully cut a slit for the coins or money to fit through. You can outline this slit if you would like for additional color.

finished top

Then put everything back together and you have a fun new bank!

finished 2

Superhero Bank DIY

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2 Responses to DIY Superhero Piggy Bank from Mason Jar

  1. Tami says:

    What a neat little project! I don’t have small children but I imagine this would be a great “mom I’m bored” or rainy day craft idea! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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