My Brother Wrote a BOOK!

UPDATE TO POST- His book is now available on AMAZON also! Buy it here- Hi Diary

If you listen to the podcast then you have heard my brother, Todd. I just want to throw out a shameless plug today for HIS BOOK that he just published online at Smashwords!!! “Hi Diary” is a short novella and only $2.99. It’s even a romantic comedy! Please support him and read a good book at the same time 🙂 Buy it from Smashwords HERE


Also, in other news… The Crafting Rogue Podcast is now available on Stitcher as well as iTunes! Stitcher is a free podcast service, much like iTunes. Give it a listen HERE

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3 Responses to My Brother Wrote a BOOK!

  1. Tami says:

    Grats Todd! My husband self-published on Smashwords too. Is it available on Barnes & Noble? I have a nook and it’s easiest to buy it from the B&N site for me. If not then I will hop over to Smashwords. 🙂


    • gadgethovel says:

      Thanks! It’s not on Nook at this time. But it is now available on Amazon Kindle if that helps.

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      • Tami says:

        Yeah nooks are a dying e-reader. I think that hubby listed his on B&N just because it was another option for getting it out there. He sells mostly through Amazon and he uses CreateSpace through Amazon to get hard copies printed. He’s sold several paperbacks through them and it’s just frickin awesome to hold a book you wrote in your hands! I think I was his only B&N sale LOL. I have Kindle Reader for my PC – I will grab a copy of your book sometime today – encourage people to write a review too! 😀


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