Fruit Hammock

A while back I started making fruit hammocks for myself, my mom, my aunts, and pretty much anyone else who wanted one. I quickly learned that these are GREAT! Seriously, I absolutely love mine. It makes me smile every time I see it. And I just have it hanging up on the bottom of my upper cabinets using command hooks, so super convenient!


I do sell these on my Etsy store (click here) and can make them in pretty much any color to fit your kitchen.


Funny story though… I was going to call them banana hammocks. Yah… after a quick google search for “banana hammock” I quickly changed the name. They are simply fruit hammocks. And really, they could hold anything… well, anything fruit or kitchen related…  soooooo… there ya go.


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3 Responses to Fruit Hammock

  1. Emma says:

    It’s looking great! Such a cool idea! I don’t even want to try guessing what “banana hammock” would give you in an internet search though 😂

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  2. HstoneYarnCraft says:

    Very clever way to store fruit off the counter!!

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  3. Tami says:

    LOL – This is a good idea! I end up storing fruit in a bowl but it takes up a lot of room and I feel sad for the fruits that are stuck on the bottom. 🙂

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