Feedback Wanted!

Have you heard my new podcast yet?


Did you know I had a podcast?  Well, I do! My awesome brother and I have only done three episodes so far and are posting weekly on Sundays. This podcast is much like this blog… talk about video games, geeky crafts, tips, and pretty much whatever else we feel like. I also include information each week about an upcoming silly holiday that you probably haven’t heard of.

The Crafting Rogue podcast is available in iTunes (and very soon Stitcher!) as well as on this site as either a direct play or download. To listen from this site, simply click on the “podcast” button at the top of the blog and select which episode you want to hear. I recommend starting at Ep. 001 as that gives a lot of the background of who we are.todd-carrie-april-1984Once you have heard us, please give us a rating and review in iTunes (hopefully a good one?) and email me feedback at or comment on this post or the post of the episode you are talking about.

In particular, I would like to know:

  • How do you like the format?
  • Is there anything you would like to hear that we should include?
  • How long do you like your podcasts to be?
  • What service do you use to listen to podcasts?

And, let me just say, you are awesome. You. The person reading this right now. You are awesome. Thank you for taking the time to support my little endeavors and I really, sincerely, hope you have a great day with many wonderful, happy moments and good things in your life.


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One Response to Feedback Wanted!

  1. Tami says:

    Hi Carrie! I hope you’re having a wonderful day too! I love your podcast! You cover so many things that I really enjoy. You and Todd have an amazing rapport and the podcast has a very good flow. The only thing that makes me a tiny bit sad is how long it is. I have found that I don’t have time to listen to the whole hour in one go. But that is just me – I really just need to listen to it in littler bites or dare I say bytes! 😀

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