Why You Shouldn’t Rush Crafts

This morning I had to remind myself of an important lesson that I already know but forgot. Slow Down. Crafts are supposed to be fun.

I really wanted to do this super fun looking craft from Our Nerd Home and post about it today on this blog. I thought it would be perfect for Easter and it’s YOSHI! I love Yoshi.

DIY-Yoshi-Eggs-Our-Nerd-HomeAren’t they cute?!

However… yesterday I was travelling all day. This has been a really busy week. So, I got up this morning thinking I needed to hurry and do this craft so that I could post about it for today. Yup, you heard me… I wanted to hurry thru this super fun craft just so I could post. That’s not how crafting is supposed to work. Crafting is supposed to be enjoyable and fun… especially such a cute and easy craft like this one.

yellow-plastic-reflective-sign-12-slow-down-ktHMzw-clipartFail #1

First I tried to follow Our Nerd Home’s instructions. I already had the exact same spray paint that she uses to make the eggs white from my R2D2 craft (which I need to finish). The fail comes in when I was rushing and disregarded the fact that it was really windy on my balcony (hard to spray paint when it’s super windy) and also I didn’t want to do the “three light coats” like she did because -again- I was in a hurry. So I just sprayed a lot. And the paint dripped right down the sides of the eggs and made a runny, splotchy, mess. And the wind was blowing not only the spray paint around but also the eggs themselves. So I would spray some and then they would start rolling around messing up the already mess of a paint job that I had done.


Fail #2

So I got frustrated. I hadn’t used all of my cheap plastic eggs yet, so I decided to forgo the spray paint and just use some of my acrylic paints on them to paint them white. Bad idea. Acrylic paint on cheap, shiny plastic does not work well. Plus, even though I was inside and out of the wind… it’s really hard to hold eggs while you are painting them. But I got them all nice and covered, and managed to set them down with only damaging a couple… and then the paint dried… and the paint did not want to stick. So as soon as I touched them, the paint would kind of flake off. I did numerous light coats (lesson here- I should have listened to the original instructions and done numerous light coats of the spray paint and I wouldn’t have had to do the acrylic paint at all).


Fail #3

In the picture that Our Nerd Home uses, she has a super cute little green pipe to hold some of the eggs. I didn’t want to go to the store- since really to make it look cute you should get some cheap pvc pipe and green spray paint. But instead I decided to use some old cheap white cups and green streamers that I had. I was so rushed that I enlisted the help of my poor husband to do this part of “painting” the green streamers onto the cup paper mache style. He did a really good job with what I gave him so I have to give him kudos for that. But what I gave him was the quick, cheap, lazy version of materials.


The Lesson

Finally it hit me. Why am I making this some horrible chore that I have to hurry through? This is a really fun and cute craft (when done correctly) and I am making it way harder than it needs to be. Crafts are for FUN.

So, this weekend I am going to use the last of my cheap plastic eggs and the spray paint following Our Nerd Home’s instructions (on a day without all this wind), and have happy music playing and just have fun making this craft. If I feel like going out and getting some pvc pipe I may do that too… although honestly the hubby’s green pipe isn’t that bad. He really did a good job with what I gave him. And, unlike his crafter wife, he actually had fun doing it.

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5 Responses to Why You Shouldn’t Rush Crafts

  1. a good lesson to remember. Thanks for the post.

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  2. Tami says:

    That pipe does look pretty good! This is an excellent reminder Carrie – I find myself getting really stressed out because I haven’t finished anything to post about! But you are absolutely correct – these are things we do for FUN and to RELAX! I can’t wait to see them! Yaaaay Yoshi! 😀


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  4. Designing Us says:

    Go with hubbies pipe. He DID do a great job and he’ll be happy you’re displaying his work. Great job getting him involved.

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