Game Review: Castaway Paradise

A while back I was totally hooked on the game Castaway Paradise. Which is somewhat embarrassing to admit because it is a really silly little game that is probably more suited for 10 year olds. But whatever. Then Stardew Valley came to my attention and I totally quit playing Castaway Paradise.  But it’s still a really fun game and worthy of a mention.

castaway paradise

You can get this game for the iOS, Steam (PC… which is how I played), Google Play, and the Mac App Store. Basically, you are playing a character who gets stranded on a tropical island… and nobody seems to care that you are stranded there (including yourself). So, you get a house, meet all the villagers, clean up stuff, farm, and have lots of “quests” that the other villagers give you as well as daily objectives.

meet villagers

The graphics are very stylized, bright, and silly. The other villagers are all animals (very Animal Crossing like) who have some funny dialog and quests for you. And, really, this game is also super addictive. It would be a great game for kids especially… but if you like any kind of sim game, this could be worth a shot looking at!

You also are able to customize your house, your clothes, etc. And (at least on Steam) they periodically are releasing free DLC of new furniture and outfits and stuff to keep it entertaining.

customize everything

Not something that I’m going to keep playing now with games like Stardew Valley, Sims, and Story of Seasons in my queue, but if I had children I could totally see it being something to let them play. Or something that I may go back to in the future even if I want something cheerful and relaxing.

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One Response to Game Review: Castaway Paradise

  1. Tami says:

    Looks fun!! I always loved Animal Crossing! 😀


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