Photography is hard

With my Etsy store I am learning that I really need to learn how to take pictures. If people are going to buy something online they need to be able to see a good, clear picture of it!

And I pretty much stink at picture taking. Other than taking pictures of my cat. But that’s just because I take a lot of pictures of poor Bodhi!


Don’t get me wrong- I actually love taking pictures and am one of those people who is always taking pictures of everyone during family gatherings. I just am not very good! So, lately I’ve been reading online about all sorts of tips to get better pictures. You’d think taking a picture of Kleenex pouches would be easy! Sigh.


Anyway, all of this playing around with picture taking has led me to an interesting discovery. I have a somewhat fancy (albeit 7 year old) camera that I don’t really know how to use, and an iPhone. My camera is awesome and probably has all sorts of special things that I just don’t understand. So, after spending a day reading up about it and playing with it… yesterday I did an experiment. I needed to take pictures of some items for my Etsy store and so I followed the internet’s advice of staging things and shooting on a cloudy day with natural light and all of that… then I shot pictures of each item with my camera, and again with the phone. Not always the exact same shot because I wasn’t remembering to switch all the time, but it was still interesting results. Now, keep in mind- I’m sure someone who knows all about cameras could make my camera shots look way better… but this was just for me to see which was better for the way I take pictures personally.

Can you tell much difference? Is it just me… or do they look pretty similar? Here you go again:

All of the pictures were like this. If anything, I think I prefer the iPhone shots because they are a little bit better lighting it seems like. What do you think?

The Pocket Kleenex pouches are my best selling item so I just revamped how they all are on the Etsy store with lots of new styles (including WONDER WOMAN!!) So, check it out when you get a chance!

Photography is Hard - My Thoughts on Photography

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3 Responses to Photography is hard

  1. Tami says:

    The Internet is the smartest person I know!! I agree with your assessment of the pictures. They both seem to be about the same quality. Being a terrible picture taker myself I totally know what you’re saying. These look great! I like the way you have everything set up in the picture so the viewer sees the item and also sees it in use! Bodhi looks like a natural model! So cute!! 😀

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  2. Designing Us says:

    I do all my photos with my iPhone. One of these days, I do want to upgrade to a DSLR, but for now my phone will do. I don’t know if you use Pinterest, but I do have a photography board that I pin lots of good staging stuff to @designingus0369. Best advice I can give (from my novice standpoint of iPhone photography) take lots of pictures, make sure your phone lens is clean , use the HDR option and touch different colors on your screen in photo mode to see how it changes the lighting and focus! I also use Paint Shop Pro to fine tune afterwards, but there’s lots of free photo editors available too! Your tissue holders are very cute!

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