Sims 4… To Play or Not To Play (again)


First of all, I love The Sims. I have ever since the original Sims game. When Sims 4 first came out I played the heck out of it. Lately, not so much. Other games (WoW, Skyrim, millions of games on Steam) have taken over my game time. However, my brother and I have both been debating lately on whether or not to get back into it. It is a super fun game. And my brother does some really cool YouTube series’ of his Sims games. He is thinking of not only getting back into the game but also doing more YouTube videos. I’ve never done the YouTube vids but really enjoy playing. And I may enjoy doing a video or two also.


So… you get to help me decide, lol!

Here are my Pros and Cons for playing the Sims again.



  • It’s a fun game that I really enjoy
  • Since I stopped playing Maxis has come out with some really cool expansions and add-ons
  • Also a lot of modders in the community have come out with some really cool mods to add to the game
  • My brother may start playing also, which will further make me want to play if he is talking about it and posting videos
  • Maybe I will start making videos… it sounds fun. Maybe Todd and I could even make videos together or like in sync or something. I dunno.
  • Did I mention that it’s a lot of fun?




  • All the expansions and add-ons that have come out and that I know I would want cost money. Money that I don’t have
  • The Sims takes a lot of my time and I am also currently playing Skyrim again (which also takes a lot of time) as well as various other games… which all take more time
  • It’s starting to be springtime here which means that I’m going to be wanting to get outside and go on walks a lot more… also takes more of my time
  • I have a bunch of orders for crochet and sewn items that I need to be working on right now… also more time gone
  • And I’m thinking of starting a podcast… time, again
  • Do I really need to start another game right now???


Sigh. What do you think?

I’ll probably play.


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5 Responses to Sims 4… To Play or Not To Play (again)

  1. HA! Nobody can resist the Sims! I don’t share your enthusiasm for 4 though. I was very disappointed when they went back to using a zoned type of game play. I absolutely loved that 3 introduced the open world type of map – I like to spy on all of the sims about town! I do like the improved ability to customize and the enhanced interactions but I totally hated that now my sim was stuck in a tiny zone. I bought the game – played less than 10 hours and went back to 3. I have since bought a new PC and didn’t even bother to download 4 from my Origin Library. Maybe I should give it another go, but I doubt I will enjoy it as much as 3. Oh to answer your question – umm YES you should play! You should fill every waking minute with video games and crochet and sewing and ANYTHING that makes you happy! You can sleep next week! 😀

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  2. One more thing if you have any extra time to waste – have you ever played Stronghold? Another amazing time erasing fun simulation fest!! 😀 Do it! … and your podcast and youtube too!!!

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  3. Todd says:

    I like that you ended with “I’ll probably play” LOL

    I played Stronghold, I’ve always liked castles 🙂

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  4. Designing Us says:

    The games are when I NEED a break, even though blogging and crafting are hobbies, you’ve kind of turned them into jobs. Do what makes you happy.

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