Skyrim originally came out in 2011, and I played it then too, but in 2016 Bethesda released a Special Edition of it with far better graphics. So, I started playing it again. That game is so easy to get sucked into!! It is a beautiful game with an engaging story, and if you haven’t played it (and have about 100+ hours to spare) then I recommend playing it. Yes, even if you haven’t played the other Elder Scrolls games. It’s that good.


The first time I played the original version of Skyrim I ended up installing a LOT of mods to make the graphics better (and to make my character prettier and wear prettier clothes…). The mods eventually broke and caused my whole game to become corrupted and made a mess of everything. I still would use mods because some people have done some amazing stuff and it can really enhance your gameplay… but this time around I’m going mod-free. The graphics with the special edition honestly are a lot better. The water looks gorgeous. I could just walk around in game and enjoy the beauty of “nature”. While I’m sitting inside my apartment with the curtains closed. Hmm…


Skyrim is a single player action RPG fantasy game. Your character starts out as a nobody but when dragons start popping up and attacking the world your character learns that she/he is a Dragonborn, and likely the only one. As the Dragonborn you have awesome powers to fight the dragons and are expected to defeat the dragons and basically save the world. There are TONS of other side storylines going on simultaneously. So much so that you can pretty much ignore the dragons (don’t worry, the story waits for you… cause you’re that special) and spend hours upon hours doing other quests and storylines and just exploring.


I love the interactions you can have in this game and how much they put into it to make it really be “your” game. You can adopt kids, buy a house, get married, become a vampire, pretty much whatever you want.


Anyway, I am hooked… again. The hubby had to remind me to have lunch yesterday.
It’s a great game. I did want to add however that often in the game the guards will say something along the lines of “I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee”. This has become quite the meme on the internet. There are t-shirts, memes, pillows, signs, and pretty much anything you can think of with this on it.


The thing is though, all these people are taking this phrase literally. Like all these guards have really messed up knees. A lot of the people in this game are Nords. In the Nordic/Scandinavian countries there was (and maybe still is?) a common slang type phrase “took an arrow to the knee” which actually meant they got MARRIED.  Makes a lot more sense that way!

In closing, enjoy Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens music video of the songs from Skyrim

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12 Responses to Skyrim

  1. As I mentioned, I’m a WoW veteran since 2006 so you know I know what it’s like to forget to eat lunch (and sometimes shower 😦 ) This sounds so interesting – I’ve heard of Skyrim but never took the leap because of the time commitment with warcraft – which I’m not a huge fan of the latest exp, so I’m sort of looking for a new game to start a long term ‘relationship’ with. Maybe I’ll check this out. Your description of it sounds pretty awesome. 😀


  2. Todd Sullivan says:

    I loved Skyrim, hearing you talk about makes me want to play again!


  3. Designing Us says:

    Played this one for awhile, but ended up becoming more of the “navigator” for my husband instead. I used my time on Fable.


  4. SpeedySailor says:

    Love me some Skyrim, nice review! It’s one of those games you can become completely immersed in and just forget everything else. Anyway, I also reviewed it, if you’re interested:

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