Plastic Bags Making a Mess?

I always seem to have those plastic grocery bags all over. And I use them… I use them in small garbage cans, cleaning litter boxes, and even as stuffing around breakables. So, I needed to have a cute way to store these bags all over the place!

There are basically two varieties that I do- crocheted or sewn. Although within those basic categories I have done all sorts of different styles with different fabrics or colors of yarn.

I can make these in really any color or style. I kind of love the Star Wars one (pictured on the right) just because it is so fun and cheerful!

The crocheted one I made using a tutorial by Totally Snappy (click here). Are you interested in a tutorial for the fabric one? If so, let me know… I have been debating writing one up. Or, if you want to purchase one they are available on my Etsy store and I do take custom orders for them if you want a specific color or fabric design! Just contact me through Etsy or email at

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