Mason Jar Craft & Review of My Pi/Pie Day!

My kitchen is slowly being transformed into bright, cheerful colors through my recent decorating. To go along with this, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a colorful but small container to hold my spatulas and stuff next to the stove. Problem is, that really isn’t in the budget right now. However, I DO have mason jars and paint!

This whole project took about 30 minutes and then I let the paint dry overnight to make sure it was fully dry before using. As usual, unless you click on an Amazon Affiliate link below, I am not getting anything for writing this post. It is just a craft I did and thought I would share.

Supplies needed:

IMG_5737The jar before… boring isn’t it?

Prepare your area with laying out the protection stuff (I’m technical, lol) and getting everything nearby and ready.

Take the lid off of your mason jar and, if desired, pop out the middle part so you can paint the top and still put spoons and spatulas inside it. Otherwise, just take the top off entirely and just use the jar.

IMG_5738If you want to be like me- Just paint! I did three coats on my jar and one on the lid. I didn’t worry about smoothing everything out because I wanted it to look a little “rough”. I let some areas around the letters be lighter on the paint and other areas have streaks. Some may think this doesn’t look good, but I purposely put them there to add character.

For painting my jar, since I was going to have the lid on top I left the very top part of the glass unpainted. This serves to not only give you an area to hold onto while you are painting and a way for it to dry (upside down), but also will make it easier to put the lid back on. If that area is painted then it will be harder to put the lid on because of the paint.

I also painted my lid white, just with one rough coat (on the outside and top only) so it would look a little beat up.


Additional options-

  • Place stickers on the jar before you paint so that after it is painted you can carefully peel the stickers off and have cool clear designs. I am going to be making another one soon for pens in my office so I will do that and try to get pictures for you.
  • After the paint is dry, use stencils (or just your handwriting) and a sharpie marker to write a word or draw a design on the jar.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the jar (once paint is dry). This is especially cute if you will be using this as a vase for flowers.

Just have fun with it and use your imagination! For my kitchen, this simple jar works great and I absolutely love it… but don’t be afraid to go crazy experimenting too! Supplies are pretty cheap, and you just may surprise yourself with a masterpiece!


Really quick as a side note… Yesterday was Pi Day (3/14). Normally Pi Day is celebrated eating Pie… but sadly I am on a no sweets diet! So, we celebrated by having a breakfast pie (courtesy of Completely Delicious), KFC chicken pot pies for lunch, and Pizza Pie for dinner! Not exactly a healthy eating day but I didn’t have any sweets!

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3 Responses to Mason Jar Craft & Review of My Pi/Pie Day!

  1. Cute idea with the mason jar and I really like the rustic look! It really complements all of the colorful utensils! Now you can crochet some bright dish cloths to go with it!! 😀


  2. Designing Us says:

    Our kitchens would match perfectly. Seriously, I can name the brand and color of paint, I painted Mason jars in the same color for a kitchen herb garden! Great minds, I’m telling ya…


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