Game Review: Flutter Butterfly Sanctuary

Flutter HeaderI love games like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and other not-so-peaceful games. However, sometimes you just need to be able to relax a little with a mindless, pretty, and slow paced game. That’s what Flutter is.

*Note- I am not getting any compensation for doing this post, it is just my own thoughts.

Flutter is a cute little game available on iOS and Google Play. I know on iOS it is free… although they definitely try to get you to do some in game purchases while playing it, so beware if you are giving your phone to kids or if you are susceptible to in-game purchases!


Like I said above, the game is very relaxing. It is pretty much just a collecting game where you are trying to get all the different kinds of butterflies and level up the butterflies you have. There are other things to collect and achievements to shoot for, but that is pretty much the main focus. While you play you are trying to accumulate honeydew, which is the currency for this game. Using the honeydew you can unlock more areas in this little rainforest so you have room for more butterflies.

IMG_5749I don’t know anything about butterflies in real life, so I am actually really enjoying the fact that all of the butterflies are based off of real butterflies, and they give cool information about them. Not that I am going to become an expert on butterflies because of this game… but it’s pretty cool! IMG_5752

The game is one of those where (unless you pay money) you open it up and do a little bit and then you close it and go about your life for a few hours to let things recharge in game. In some games I find this annoying, but with the nature (hehe, nature) of this game being such as it is, I actually don’t mind it. It is a calm app to play around with for a few minutes and then I can get back to regular life.

Overall, I really am enjoying this game. I have been playing it little bits at a time for a while now without getting bored of it. It is fun, educational, and really is peaceful to watch a bunch of butterflies flying around.

To quote the comedian Brian Regan:
“I can’t imagine a less stressful job than working in a butterfly pavilion… “How was work?” “Don’t even get me started. I have had it up to HERE with those butterflies. That purple one landing lightly on FLOWERS? And that yellow one, fluttering around and around. LIKE I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S UP TO!”

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6 Responses to Game Review: Flutter Butterfly Sanctuary

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ll have to check it out. I like a good ole’ collect stuff game for when I find myself having to wait around somewhere. At the moment I have Zen Koi Pond on my phone for some mindless fun. Flutter sounds like it will put me in a Spring mood! 😀


  2. Designing Us says:

    Tami sent me ;). Played WOW before online play was available and have just never been much of a team player so I never jumped on board. Okay, really it’s the monthly fees, I’m a cheapskate, lol. However! Been Simming since one, like hardcore! I learned to change out graphics cards because of those games.

    I wish I could attach a screenshot, I’ve actually been playing Flutter for two years, Splash for a year and Flutter: Starlight for a week, all by the same company. (Now we know why I’m Really behind in blog reading!)

    Besides games, I do a multitude of crafting as well! Glad I found your blog, I’m finally finding my geek/craft tribe!


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  4. Lisa says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to review Flutter! This was such a pleasure to read and everyone in the office was stoked to see it! You’re the best, thanks for playing 😀
    – Lisa (Community Manager)


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