March 10th is Mario Day (Mar 10 … Mar10!) So Happy MAR10 Day!
For more information on the history behind this day (yes, there is history) click here.


What is your favorite Mario game?
For me, it’s actually Mario Sunshine… with Super Mario 3 a close second.

What is your favorite Mario music?
I love the classic Mario theme music, although the underwater music is awesome too.

What is your favorite power up?
I love getting the star. I’m INVINCIBLE! … until I fall down a hole.

What is the most loveable character?
YOSHI!! I love Yoshi

What is your favorite “bad guy”?
I like the goombas. They are cute and silly to me, and it’s fun to squish them.


So how are you going to celebrate Mario Day? Dressing up as your favorite character? Playing lots of Mario games? Hitting other cars with koopa shells on the road (Note: I do not recommend this). There are so many ways to celebrate! Have cupcakes with red frosting and watch the old Super Mario Bros TV show on Netflix! Build your own Mario Kart out of a cardboard box! Find an old Mario game that you’ve never played and dig in!

Most importantly though, Have Fun.

And stomp on all the goombas.


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4 Responses to Happy MARIO DAY!!

  1. NO WAY! I did not know that! A Mario amigurumi would be a fun project. I’ve also seen graphgans of Mario made from granny squares https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5hcjgDn7CM&t=88s I will have some extra pasta today to celebrate!

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  2. Todd says:

    Favorite Mario Game : New Super Mario Bros. U, I love the multiplayer!

    Favorite Mario Music : The basic music from Mario 3.

    Favorite Power Up : The Hammer from Mario 3, I hate fighting the Hammer Brothers but BECOMING one was awesome.

    Most love able character : Luigi, I always felt bad for him getting second billing and all.

    Favorite Bad Guy : Bob-omb, I love picking them up and tossing them at badguys.


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