That’s What A Seam Ripper Is For


I’ve been working on a project for my niece. A super cute bag. At least, it’s supposed to be a super cute bag.

Everyone makes mistakes sewing… and today was a reminder to me that I need to not get so prideful in thinking I know what I’m doing all the time! I have spent all day today undoing the work I spent all day yesterday doing, so that tomorrow I can spend all day correcting it. Again… Sigh…

I wasn’t going to write about this since it’s kind of depressing, but at the same time I know that everyone out there who has done any sewing/crocheting/crafting/anything has been in the same kind of predicament and can relate. I think on the internet it’s easy to want to make everything appear perfect and wonderful… but things don’t always go like that IRL.

After all, that’s what seam rippers are for right?


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3 Responses to That’s What A Seam Ripper Is For

  1. Ha! So true!! My biggest crochet ego problem is not trusting sizes on patterns. I’ll make the foundation chain and say – seriously who is the designer making this for the land of tiny people – and then I end up waiting far too long to admit to myself that NOBODY wants a 15 foot long blanket (or scarf) except for colorful tent makers maybe! 😀

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  2. Elena says:

    Ripping is a part of sewing the same as unpicking and unravelling is a part of knitting and crocheting! Can’t get away from it… 😛


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