Guest Post! Game Review: Super Dungeon Tactics

This is The Crafting Rogue’s brother, Todd.  I’m doing a guest post today because I want to talk about a game that I’ve been playing lately, Super Dungeon Tactics.
super dungeon tactics4.png
Super Dungeon Tactics is a turn based, tactical, fantasy, strategy game by Underbite Games available on Steam.  You control a party of mages, clerics, warriors, rangers, and other fantasy class people in turn based combat on a grid.  It’s based on the board game Super Dungeon Explore (which is a fantastic board game by the way) and features similar characters, art style and game play as the board game.  But when you don’t have anybody to play with or you don’t want to do all the rule book reading yourself this video game version is an excellent way to experience that game play.
super dungeon tactics1
The combat system is the real meat and potatoes of this game and it is very satisfying.  Each character gets unique abilities that make them each feel special and fits the fantasy of that character class.  There’s dice rolls every turn that buff or de-buff or activate abilities on your characters but you get to assign the dice, and their effects, to which characters you want.  Terrain based games like this depend on interesting environments and SDT delivers areas that are not just beautiful but strategically interesting with choke points and areas to be secured.  Whether you’re rushing peasants to the front door of the only safe building during an attack or making your way to the monster spawner in the back of a cave the maps and objects keep you moving around the environment looking for ways to use the terrain to your advantage or to navigate around it’s obstacles.
super dungeon tactics2
There’s also a story line with characters drawn in a cutesy art style while they talk to each other.  It’s better written than I expected. The characters have endearing, if over the top, personalities and there’s a general story arch and mystery that I’m enjoying.
super dungeon tactics3
You grow a pretty large group of characters as you play and different missions have you choosing whom to bring with you, sometimes only a couple and sometimes a large party.  There was one mission early on where you chose four characters to go hunt down the kobold raiders and you chose two characters to stay behind and defend the town.  You ended up fighting battles with both groups which really made choosing who to take and leave feel like an important decision.  Who you take with you into battle changes the feel of the fight considerably.
In closing, Super Dungeon Tactics is an excellent fantasy strategy game that should appeal to hard core tactical game players and casual gamers alike.  I give it 5 out of 5.
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3 Responses to Guest Post! Game Review: Super Dungeon Tactics

  1. Looks sweet – unfortunately Breath of the Wild is the only thing going on in my house right now – that is after I’ve finished my WoW dailies 😀


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