10 Things To Do When SICK (for entertainment)

I am sick. To put it simply… pneumonia. 63d62dd2c58d7e0eb7d310dabb1115c9_sick-person-clipart-free-clipart-sick-person_2000-2216.jpg

So, here is my list of my top 10 things to do when you are stuck in bed sick, OTHER THAN the basics of Netflix/TV, video games, social media stalking, and reading.  Although, I am a big fan of all of those things… but this is trying to be a little more out of the box.

  1. Crochet/Knit. I had to say it. If you don’t know how to crochet, being stuck in bed is a perfect time to learn! Have someone go get you some yarn and a hook and turn on YouTube and watch tutorials done by Mikey on The Crochet Crowd.
  2. Audiobooks/podcasts. I recommend “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” or the “Geek to Geek Podcast
  3. Use your smartphone or tablet and search out new apps that interest you. I recently found the app Recipe Gallery and am in the process of transferring all of my recipes over to digital (which, by the way, is also a great thing to do in bed with this app). There are lots of apps out there that will help make your life better, whether productively or thru games. And lots are free or super cheap.
  4. Meditation. You’re sitting around anyway, why not practice meditating! The app Headspace is awesome for this.
  5. YouTube! This could be the only thing I write on this page and it is enough. Learn a new skill (like crochet… as I mentioned in #1), get motivated to be healthier, laugh at comedy skits, listen to music, watch people unbox toys… ANYTHING! Some of my favorite YouTube channels are: GadgetHovel, Force Within, Side Quest Fitness, Lindsey Stirling, and Polygon (and The Crochet Crowd which I mentioned above).
  6. Write letters. Especially thank you cards/letters. Write to your family and loved ones, write to the police in your city, write to world leaders or celebrities… just something to express gratitude to someone who has touched your life and something to brighten their day a little.
  7. Learn a language with Duolingo! Duolingo is an app I have been using for a little while now to learn Norwegian (I have a lot of Norwegian ancestry) and it is wonderful.
  8.  Speaking of ancestry… look into your own family history! Family Search and Ancestry are both great tools for this.
  9. Draw, paint, or color in coloring books. I love scented markers and the Hubby just went and bought me some 🙂
  10. Do a small craft… learn origami, make a wreath,  glue magnets to the back of puzzle pieces for fridge puzzles, make something really unique with legos, whatever your heart desires!
  11. BONUS IDEA: PINTEREST. I can waste days at a time on Pinterest. Seriously.
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