Denim Star Wars Quilt


Last week I made one of my favorite projects. I love denim quilts, they are so warm and snuggly! My favorite blanket to curl up in is a denim blanket with soccer ball fleece on the back of it that I had made for the hubby (and then I stole).

star-wars-denim-blanketFor Christmas I had made a denim blanket for my brother with Star Wars fleece fabric (pic of his blanket —>

I had some left over fleece, well… lots more fleece, from that project and I decided to make another blanket!


I took some old jeans that I had been saving and cut them into 6in by 6in squares. Then I laid them out in a random design trying to keep the different styles/colors pretty much spread out.

Bodhi was a big help with this process.

Next I simply sewed them into strips and then the strips into one big top piece for the quilt. In all my stitches I double stitched to add strength to the blanket. Again, Bodhi helped.


Because the piece of fleece that I had left over included some odd shapes, I cut out 2 strips the length of the quilt 3inches wide and then 2 more strips that were the width plus 6 inches.  These I sewed around the edges of the quilt to make a border.

Once I had the top all done, I used the rest of the fleece to make a big backing the size of the top piece. I did not add any batting because I feel like the denim + fleece is heavy and warm enough just left as it is.


I put the quilt top and bottom right sides together and sewed all around, leaving a 6 inch area on the bottom open so I could turn it. Once I turned it right side out, I sewed the bottom area closed.

Next came the stitching! With denim quilts I don’t like to get fancy with the stitching because I feel like denim quilts are supposed to be a little more basic and “raw”. But I did use one of the special stitches on my machine to sew around where the border fleece and denim meet to further strengthen it. The picture is showing how it looked from the back so you can see the stitch more clearly.


After a few more stitches to make the blanket secure, I call it done!
This blanket is actually for sale right now on my Etsy store.  Although, if you like it I recommend buying it quick before I change my mind and keep it. I seriously LOVE this blanket! It is so warm and soft and comfy! Plus, Star Wars!!

Here is the link to this item on my store: Star Wars Denim Blanket


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One Response to Denim Star Wars Quilt

  1. I never thought to quilt denim -made with recycle denim. Iam guess it could be made without cats but who would


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