Game Review: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


One of my favorite games lately is Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo WiiU. This game is available pretty much wherever Nintendo games are sold, including at Amazon by clicking here (affiliate link).  If you are going to buy the game, I highly recommend also splurging on the Toad amiibo (Super Mario Bros Series)… it really does add a lot to this game!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…e7gjhh5

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is a puzzle game in the Mario universe. I always love the Mario graphics and this is no different. The story is that Captain Toad and Toadette are hunting for treasure, including a large golden star. However, when they find this golden star, a gigantic bird comes out of nowhere and snatches it from them. Toadette is greedy and grabs onto it, thereby allowing the bird to inadvertently kidnap her so Captain Toad has to save her. But don’t worry about it being stereotypical about the girl getting kidnapped… in the next chapter the exact same thing happens with Captain Toad and then Toadette has to go rescue him. Come to think of it… I’m not sure that either of them are actually wanting to save each other as much as get the golden star…bird-taking-star

Anyway, as you are chasing down this bird you are solving different puzzles. The puzzles themselves are fun- you are trying to get coins, golden mushrooms, a star, etc… all very Mario-esque. wiiu_screenshot_tv_01p1qup

The main difference is that Toad and Toadette can’t jump (maybe their hats are too heavy?) so you have to complete the puzzles around goombas and shy guys without being able to jump on them. There are ladders, triggers, floating platforms, etc… and all add up to being a LOT of fun. Oh, and there are some really cool big bosses (dragons!).screenshot2

The reason I said that you should splurge on the Amiibo as well is that every level has a secret level inside of it. If you tap the Amiibo to the gamepad on a level that you’ve completed, it unlocks a special “hide and seek” level. You are still going through the same level just as you did before, however this time you are looking for a small 8-bit Toad. Once you find him you tap on him on the gamepad screen to complete that level. maxresdefault.jpg

I have been telling my poor brother that I’m going to send him my copy of this game for probably a year now, but I am determined to 100% everything in the game first. And, to be honest, I’ve let a few months go by without touching it… so that didn’t help.level-shot

If you like puzzles and Mario (two of my favorite things) then this game is a MUST BUY! I have gotten so much enjoyment out of it! And if you are going to buy it from Amazon, please do me a favor and follow the affiliate link I put at the beginning of this post… it really helps me out and will help me be able to continue doing this. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.

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