Saturday! What I’ve Been Playing This Week:

This week I haven’t played much video games… I’ve been pushing myself to get a lot of stuff done, plus dealing with a bad cold. Now I’m feeling that burn out yuckiness. Thinking this weekend I’m going get some Dr. Pepper, chips & guac, and lose myself in World of Warcraft for a while to recharge my mental batteries!

Here’s what I have played though

Stardew Valley

Almost at the end of Winter Year 2, so that’s pretty cool. I have a very boring baby (in Stardew Valley) who just sleeps and I can’t do anything with, but hopefully she will be cooler when she’s not a baby anymore. I’m also hoping to get my coop upgraded to get rabbits! Woohoo!

Civilization 6img_5511

I won a single player game as Kongo. I was trying to do a science victory and was super close to doing that when the culture victory popped up. I really don’t understand the culture victory as far as tracking it goes. Whenever I want a culture victory I can’t seem to make it happen, but then other games it surprises me out of the blue.

World of Warcraftwowscrnshot_021717_224934

My subscription ends on 3/1/17 and I am having some financial difficulties right now so I won’t be able to renew right away… but I have GOALS! Well, video game goals. I already have max level characters but I have been leveling an alt (Pandaren Monk). Just got her to level 50 tonight. I would like to have her max level before I can’t play anymore, but realistically I know there are other things I should be doing and 50 is still a long way from 110. But, like I said, this weekend will be a guilt-free World of Warcraft time for me, so maybe I can power through a bunch.

Disney TsumTsum

You may recall I did a blog post on Disney Tsum Tsum earlier this week. I’ve been playing a lot of this on my phone this week as I’ve been not feeling well. Even on the days that I’ve been super busy I have been getting worn out from the cold and pushing myself (although I really am feeling lots better now) so I’ve been resting and playing Disney TsumTsum. It really is a super cute game!

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4 Responses to Saturday! What I’ve Been Playing This Week:

  1. captainxena says:

    Would love it if you shared this in our gaming FB group!


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