Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

I had such a positive response to my last wreath DIY… I thought I’d try it again!


This tutorial is for a burlap wreath with ribbons mixed into it to add color and contrast. I admit, I didn’t come up with this idea. On Pinterest there are several different tutorials with this same theme. I’m not unique sadly… but I love my colors for this wreath!

This is a very quick project. I finished mine in less than an hour.

Supplies you need: (Note: I include affiliate links to Amazon for each of these)IMG_5495.JPG


  • Take an end of your burlap ribbon and tie it to the back of your wire frame. I tied it using a regular knot to the middle of one of the bars that runs up and down on the frame.


  • Turn the frame back over to the front (where the raised portion is towards you). Twisting the burlap some as you go, push a small loop of the burlap through a section of the wire until it looks right to you. Do this in a couple of the rows to form a good starting section.
  • Take one of your ribbons and tie onto the back of the wreath just as you did with the burlap. Make sure it is close to the burlap. I tied mine onto one of the middle wires that runs around the frame. IMG_5498.JPG
  • Just as you did with the burlap, push a couple of loops of the ribbon through the front of the frame. It seems to work best if you lightly twist the ribbon some as you are going, but always make sure the design on the ribbon is visible on the front of the wreath! I pushed some loops of the burlap in after the ribbon as well (see pictures)IMG_5499.JPG
  • Repeat the process with the other ribbon (and again if you have three ribbons)IMG_5500.JPG
  • Now that you have everything attached, follow the same process of pushing alternating loops of the burlap and contrast ribbons through the wires. I pushed my loops close together to make it tight, I have seen on Pinterest where some people use larger loops than what I do and spread it out more. Either way is fine, play around with it to see what you prefer.IMG_5501.JPG
  • As you go, you will start to have a jumbled mess of the ribbons and burlap on your hands. This is the trickiest part- negotiating all the ribbons!IMG_5502.JPG
  • If you are like me, eventually you will need to switch to a second roll of burlap. For the end of the first roll, I simply tucked it into the mess of all the other ribbons and it held tight just fine. If you need, you can tie it onto the frame again. To start the next roll, simply follow the same process at the beginning and tie it onto the metal frame and begin pushing loops through again.IMG_5504.JPG
  • Once you get all the way to the end, cut off the remaining ribbons leaving about a 2 inch tail of each on the wreath. Weave these ends into the back of the wreath amongst all the ribbons already secure and it should hold them. If not, you can also break out the secret weapon- the glue gun! img_5506
  • Look at the wreath and see if there are any areas that need to be tweaked. Arrange the loops so that it all looks even. Don’t be afraid to play with it, you may like it puffed out more or even add some kind of bow or sign to it… there are lots of possibilities!
  • And you are done! Hang that beauty up and enjoy your work! img_5508
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  2. Thanks for sharing. I need to make this

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