Valentines/Anniversary/Portal Day!

differenttogetherwmHappy Valentines Day! For the Hubby and I Valentines Day is also our wedding anniversary. This year marks 13 years (wow that doesn’t seem that long!).

Due to health issues and money issues, we couldn’t do a whole lot for our anniversary anyway… so we have dubbed this anniversary the year of Portal (the video game). Our bathroom is decorated in a Portal theme so our presents to each other are to work on DIY projects for that which we have been procrastinating. Later on (once we are done!) I will do a full blog post on our bathroom.

Here’s the anniversary plan though:

  • Playing through Portal 2 co-op missions on the computer together like cute little nerds
  • Playing the Portal board game together (affiliate link to 51aAgLGVp2L._SL160_.jpgpurchase this board game on amazon: Portal The Uncooperative Board Game
  • Working on our DIY projects together. Matt wants to make some mirrors that look like glowing portals, and I am still embroidering towels.
  • THE CAKE IS A LIE! For our “cake” I made a chocolate pudding dessert and wrote on the top of it with chocolate chips:IMG_5470.JPG
  • Gifts for each other are the DIY projects. Unfortunately I only got one of the two towels done that I planned to embroider… and I also want to do a cross stitch of Cave Johnson’s famous lemon speech. IMG_5473.JPG
  • And bacon.  Because… bacon.

Hope you all have a fantastic Valentines Day/Portal Day!header

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