Game Review: Disney Tsum Tsum

I’ve got a cold/flu/whatever. That’s why this post is late, and why most of the “adult” things that I should be doing in my life are on the backburner for a while.

However, that is also why I’ve been playing a lot of mindless games on my phone! One of these games is Disney Tsum Tsum. It’s a mobile game for iOS and Android and is a lot of addictive fun. My only real complaint about it is that in order to connect with your friends (to send hearts or compare scores) you have to be logged into a Japanese social media network called Line. I am not found of Line… in fact it bugs me. I am logged into it so that I can be connected with my brother and some other friends, but the actual Line program I shoved into a folder in the back of my phone so that I don’t have to see it. It’s all free though (Line and TsumTsum).


Disney Tsum Tsum is basically just a timed matching game. You have these little things called “Tsums” which are just basically the heads of all of your favorite Disney characters, and you match them together to earn points and coins. When you connect enough of the same Tsums you get magic bubbles that can pop and clear all of the Tsums touching it.


As you are playing the game and collecting coins you can then use the coins to buy little boxes that have chances of getting new Tsums. Each time you play you have one of these Tsums as your main character and as you clear that particular character you build up strength to use a special power unique for that Tsum. In the picture below you can see that Mickey’s special power is to clear all the Tsums in the center of the screen. Once you use the power then you have to build up the ability again by clearing that character Tsums again.


I may not be making sense (I blame the cold meds)… but it’s actually a pretty simple game though, and it is a lot of fun. You need hearts in order to play, which accumulate over time or by having your friends (again- being connected by Line) send them to you. At first I thought this was really annoying because I wanted to be able to just keep playing… but then I realized this is probably healthier for me to have to stop every now and then!!

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  2. I tried to download this not too long ago but hadn’t got the space on my phone. It looks awesome! I’ll definitely be downloading soon.

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