Saturday! What I’ve Been Playing This Week:

Before I get into what I’ve been playing this week… I have to tell you about what I’m going to be doing! Some of you may know of February 14th as Valentines Day. For the Hubby and I it is also our anniversary. However, this year is extra special because not only is it Valentines Day/Anniversary, but the Hubby and I have also dubbed it PORTAL DAY!


Yah… we’re awesome like that.

You know the video game Portal & Portal 2? If not, you are seriously missing out. Portal is one of my favorite games. So much so that our bathroom is actually decorated in a Portal theme. Yup. Seriously. I’ll post a special blog post about that later with pictures.


Anyway, for our Anniversary/Valentines/Portal Day we are going to play co-op Portal 2 and the Portal Board Game (affiliate link to Amazon if you’d like to check it out). We haven’t played that one yet- just got it for Christmas. Our presents to each other are to actually finish decorating the bathroom with the little DIY projects we have been procrastinating. And of course, the cake is a lie!

Okay, enough of that. What have I been playing this week? Well, you may recall from my post on Thursday that I played quite a bit of Super Panda Adventures. Besides that, I also played more Stardew Valley (my character is now married to Elliot and we have a baby!), and -of course- World of Warcraft! In WoW I’m leveling up a new Panda monk. Right now I’m level 48, so I still have a ways to go with her.


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